App Tour

By going to you’ll land on the search page. On the left you have a side menu from where you can navigate to set page, brand page, as well as account page. Given that you are a registered user. Register now.

You first search, say for example you use the word marketing. You’ll be redirected to the search results page where you’ll be able to see top similar hashtags for the keyword you use i.e. marketing. Now if you choose some of the similar hashtags that you want to use now or for later you’ll see that on the right hand side the selected hashtags appears which you can store on a set which you have already created(or you can create one when you save the hashtags) or download them as csv or you copy to clipboard.

If you store them on a set, you’ll see them on the set page where you have all the sets created for a certain brand listed.

To change the brand you’ll see on the top navigation bar a dropdown menu where you can switch between brands. On changing brands on the set or search result page you’ll see that sets also change. So, if you are saving hashtags on a set for a certain brand then make sure you are on the right brand.