Flow of app

We expect the user to create a brand first(see below how to create a brand) then create set(s) under that brand(see below how to create a set). Then users can search for hashtags and store them on set(s) for certain brand(s).

How to create a brand? #

Note: Brand is only available for Solo and Agency plan subscribers

Click on Brands

Click on plus sign to add new brand

Fill up the form and save to create a new brand.

How to create a set? #

Click on Hashtag Set

Click on plus sign to add new set

A popup will open where you enter Set name and description to create new set

When you create a new set make sure you are on the right brand. You can choose your brand from the dropdown on top right part of navigation bar.

How to find & save hashtags on Set? #

Search for keywords on search page

You’ll be redirected to search result page. Where you can search for different keyword again using the search bar. You’ll get suggested hashtags as result based on the search keyword.

Using the checkbox next to hashtags you can select the hashtags you want to save on the set. Selected hashtags will be visible on the right-hand side.

You can download the hashtags as CSV file by pressing the DOWNLOAD CSV button and you can also copy the hashtags by pressing the COPY TO CLIPBOARD button. Now, to save hashtags on a set you need to press SAVE TO SETS button. Upon pressing the button popup will appear showing a list of available Set(s) created under the brand selected on the top navbar.

Check the checkbox to select set(s) where to save hashtags. Now press SAVE TO SET(S) to save hashtags on set